Hello no Sachikohime "Sachi" is a very nice mix of the original bloodlines imported here in the 1990’s and a more recent Kai Ken Aigokai (KKA) Japanese import, Tenrou No Wakajishi "Akashi." She's very good natured and laid back just like her sire.  Sachi just turned 3 years old, she is a kuro-tora (black brindle) with a maki-o tail (curls up over her back) and closer in type to a shika-inu-gata (deer dog type - longer, leaner body, longer legs & fox-like face).  She is well-balanced, agile, and graceful. Sachi has inherited her sire's quirky and calm personality.  She is very clever and is a quick learner.  She is also very curious and playful and like her pop, Akashi, she loves to steal items from us to initiate play. 

Sachi was a superstar in puppy kindergarten at our local kennel club and easily graduated to the next level, basic obedience. This was a large class in a cavernous building and the sound system was extremely loud. Although Sachi easily and quickly mastered basic obedience, we didn’t have much fun in the class. We both learned Sachi prefers smaller class sizes and more fun! We have since experimented with barn hunt, agility, and deer antler search and retrieve. She was great at the search part but not so great at the retrieve and give to me part…LOL. Not surprising, her favorite game is keep away. She absolutely loved barn hunt and we will be doing more of that. We also plan to try lure coursing. She loves going everywhere she can with me and when I have to leave without her, she waits on the back of the couch where she can watch out the window for me. Sachi will bark the alarm when a stranger approaches the house or yard, however, she is friendly in public, greets new people with a friendly tail wag or polite bow, gets along well with other dogs and never hesitates to show off her tricks.

Sachi can learn any trick, she learns behaviors associated with words or hand signals so fast it's almost as if she teaches herself. She can bow, dance, spin, and give high fives. She will be taking her Canine Good Citizen Test soon. Sachi and I braved our first AKC conformation show over the summer and she did very well in spite of the hot and humid weather. She took 4th in her group of 9 and of course Best of Breed (she was the only Kai-ken there :) We spent some time at the Meet the Breed booth which she enjoyed more as she likes to say hi to everyone and couldn’t do that in the ring. AKC has a Trick Dog Event so I’m looking forward to entering her in that and other events.

Sachiko is a joy to train and hang out with. I expect her to produce puppies with great working temperaments, structural soundness, and intelligence. I have been meticulous in preparing Sachi for her first breeding. She has had blood work done every 6 months (CBC, blood chemistry, and Thyroid Panel), DNA testing with Optimal Selection and Embark (she is clear for all three forms of Progressive Retinal Atrophy - PRA), OFA Hips are excellent, OFA Elbows are normal, OFA Patellas are normal, OFA Heart Exam and Echocardiogram are normal and OFA Thyroid is normal. She had her CERF eye exam when she was 2. We will repeat that every other year. I don’t use chemicals in or on her, only all natural parasite control. I follow a very conservative vaccination schedule for all my dogs and use titers to time them appropriately and safely. Sachi is registered AKC and UKC. Sachi is large for a female Kai, close to the breed standard height and weight upper limit, so I will use smaller males who complement her physical traits and temperament as well as contribute to the genetic diversity in the North American Kai population.  If all goes as planned, she will whelp her first litter in early spring 2020.

CLASSY NIAH GOZEN "Nie Nie" is a beautiful little Kai with the sweetest temperament. Her cheerful demeanor is characterized by her constantly wagging tail. Niah is a two year old kuro-tora (black brindle) with a sashi-o (sickle or pointed tail) and closer in type to a shishi-inu-gata (boar dog type - stockier with a bear-like face).   Niah has a beautiful thick coat with distinct tiger striped brindling and a deep ruff (mane). True to type, she is reserved around strangers and affectionate with family & friends.  Niah has a strong prey drive and an excellent nose and takes her daily patrols of the yard for small game intruders very seriously. She is extremely agile and an incredible jumper. Niah has incredible movement, her smooth ground-eating trot has earned her the nickname “mall-walker.”