Hello, a lot has been happening, I finally figured out what they had in the bedroom, what I got kicked out for…PUPPIES. Yup, my little sister Niah had puppies. As if she wasn’t bad enough. Nobody asked me if I wanted a sister and now this? For like three weeks my mom spent all her time in there, I barely got to do anything with her.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, my mom was making a lot of these great smelling meals for Niah all the time. I was making it pretty obvious that I wanted some too and at first she gave me some but then one day she shook her head back and forth at me like I chewed up her glasses or something and said a new word, “fat.” I’m not sure what it means. It could be bad because I didn’t get as much food as Niah after that but it could be good because we started going for fun walks again like we used to before the puppies.

I gotta admit, the little pups kinda grew on me. Eventually my mom brought them out of MY bedroom and I finally got to meet each one. There were four, two that smelled like boys and two girls. Pretty cute little pups, kinda made me wish I had puppies of my own. Niah didn’t want me to go into the bedroom when they were in there but after my mom brought them out, she didn’t seem to mind if I sniffed them. She seemed really tired and slept a lot when she wasn’t with them.

One day my mom let me get really close to them and I tried to play with one. I thought it was pretty funny the way it rolled across the floor like that but my mom said, “no paw Sachi” so I just nibbled on them after that. There were new toys all over the place…geez…I don’t remember having that many toys when I was a pup. I tried to get them to play tug with me, my favorite game, but even when I dropped the toy right on their dumb little heads, they didn’t seem to get it. My mom started playing with me more, just the two of us, so I started thinking maybe the puppies weren’t such a terrible idea after all.

Then my mom started taking one or more of the puppies with her when she left. They always came back smelling of interesting places and people and treats and sometimes they brought me something but come on! I like to go places too!

My mom also put some interesting things outside to climb on, through, and under. I got bored with it pretty fast but the little pups loved it. They started running around, jumping, climbing, attacking my tail, biting my ears, it was crazy. I did my best to teach them some manners and my mom watched me closely and seemed to approve. I showed them how to mark our territory along the fence, how to hunt for the rodents that burrow in the yard, and how to stalk the birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. Finally I got them to play tug with me and we had a lot of fun.

Then one day some strangers came. My mom let them in and told me to stop barking at them so I did but then she let them take one of our pups! I couldn’t believe it…why would she do that? Where were they taking him? Were they coming back? Niah was frantic, she ran all over the house and yard looking for him and whining. My mom looked sad and gave Niah a big meaty bone.

My mom took Niah with her a lot when she left and at other times she took the other three pups and was gone for long times. I watched out the big window for them to come back. We went on a lot of walks too. Then one day another stranger showed up. This one had a dog like us with him. We had fun playing with her in the yard but then when he left, he took one of the female pups with him! This was terrible. Me and Niah were both upset. Why was mom letting these strangers take our puppies?

For a couple days after that, the last two pups went a lot of places with my mom, whenever she left, she took one of them with her, mostly the male though. Then she left one morning and came home with another stranger, soon they left again and took the male pup with them. I was worried she would come home without him and sure enough, she came back a few hours later alone. Niah laid on the back of the couch the whole time they were gone and looked so sad. My mom looked sad too when she got home. We went in the backyard with the last pup and played for the rest of the day but Niah didn’t want to play, she kept looking for the other puppies.

That night my mom brought a crate into her (my) bedroom and put the last pup in it at bedtime. Niah laid down next to it on a blanket. She was restless though and we all got up several times during the night to go outside. As soon as the pup went potty my mom put her right back in the crate though, she didn’t let us play at all.

The pup’s name is Feligro. She follows me everywhere and does everything I do when my mom lets her. It’s flattering but also annoying. Me and Niah are not sure if another stranger is coming to take her or not so Niah is very restless and constantly patrolling the house and yard. I think Feligro might be staying here though because she sleeps every night in the crate in our bedroom and my mom spends a lot of time teaching her things and playing with her. I have to admit, she’s pretty smart, she’s learning the rules around here pretty quick.

I am cautiously optimistic. Things seem to be getting back to normal. I’ll keep you updated.


Strange smells and sounds...

It's been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. We were gone for a while, Mom loaded up the truck with a bunch of stuff and we drove and drove and drove for days. Niah kept stealing my turn in the front seat and Mom didn't seem to notice. I'm still mad about it. Niah's so pushy, I don't know why Mom lets her get away with it...

She's always saying stuff like, "Oh Niah, you're so cute"  "Hi pretty girl" "Good girl Nie Nie"

It makes me want to crunch somebody's plastic.

I try to model good behavior but Niah just does her own thing. She's always wagging her tail too, like, it NEVER stops! I don't know why she's so happy all the time. Probably because she's in the front seat and I'm not. 

And now...there are strange smells and sounds coming from Mom's bedroom and I'm not allowed in there. First the back seat, now I get kicked out of my own bed...what's next, outside in the kennel?  

I know they've got some animals in there, I can hear them and smell them on the blankets and towels Mom brings out. They kind of smell like Niah but different, I wish I could get in there to check it out.

I'll keep you posted if I figure out what they've got in there.

i crunch plastic...

well, I'm sorry to tell you I got in a bit of trouble the other day.  The thing is, I love chewing crunchy things.  It's so satisfying. The louder I can crunch the better. So this is what happened, I was looking for a quiet place to take my afternoon nap because my mom was vacuuming in the living room. Which by the way I thought was pretty rude since she knows I take a nap every afternoon from 2:30 to 4:00 on the back of the couch by the front window. I have to admit I was pretty irritated when I strolled into her bedroom looking for a good nap spot. As I settled in with my head snuggled into her pillow my eyes just happened to be right at the level of her nightstand. And there they were, those weird looking things she wears over her eyes sometimes. Now I'm not saying I chewed those things because I was mad at her...I just love the way they crunch.  I really couldn't help myself. 

I kinda regret it now though. She got so mad. She was yelling something about 4 pairs, money, blah blah blah, I really couldn't understand half of what she said.  Geez, why'd she leave em laying around like that anyway...she KNOWS I love the way those things crunch.

he he he...maybe it WAS worth it...

I saw her wearing new ones yesterday.  I'm still working it out but I'm pretty sure I can get them and make it look like Niah did it... 

i dig holes

hi, i'm Sachi. i dig holes. and i like it. i especially love digging out the roots of every perennial. 

lets see, what can i tell you about myself?  this is my first blog...i have no idea what i'm supposed to write. my mom told me to just tell you something about myself.

I was born in Oregon but I don't really remember it. My birth mom's name is Kitty and my dad's name is Akashi. I can't wait to see them again when we visit this spring. I'll get to see my sister Momo too! 

i like to dig holes. i can dig under the fence in about 30 seconds. i'm really good at digging. my mom said i'm like a mouse, something about anything my head can fit through, my body can squeeze through too...

whatever...i just like digging holes, hellooo, because I'm hunting!  Did you people really think I was just randomly digging holes?  Do you have any idea how many rodents have tunneled burrows under the landscaping plants, bushes, and not to mention all across the yard? I'm just doing my job here folks and a little appreciation would be nice.  

you're welcome.

well i've got moles to kill...see ya later