Strange smells and sounds...

It's been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. We were gone for a while, Mom loaded up the truck with a bunch of stuff and we drove and drove and drove for days. Niah kept stealing my turn in the front seat and Mom didn't seem to notice. I'm still mad about it. Niah's so pushy, I don't know why Mom lets her get away with it...

She's always saying stuff like, "Oh Niah, you're so cute"  "Hi pretty girl" "Good girl Nie Nie"

It makes me want to crunch somebody's plastic.

I try to model good behavior but Niah just does her own thing. She's always wagging her tail too, like, it NEVER stops! I don't know why she's so happy all the time. Probably because she's in the front seat and I'm not. 

And now...there are strange smells and sounds coming from Mom's bedroom and I'm not allowed in there. First the back seat, now I get kicked out of my own bed...what's next, outside in the kennel?  

I know they've got some animals in there, I can hear them and smell them on the blankets and towels Mom brings out. They kind of smell like Niah but different, I wish I could get in there to check it out.

I'll keep you posted if I figure out what they've got in there.