i dig holes

hi, i'm Sachi. i dig holes. and i like it. i especially love digging out the roots of every perennial. 

lets see, what can i tell you about myself?  this is my first blog...i have no idea what i'm supposed to write. my mom told me to just tell you something about myself.

I was born in Oregon but I don't really remember it. My birth mom's name is Kitty and my dad's name is Akashi. I can't wait to see them again when we visit this spring. I'll get to see my sister Momo too! 

i like to dig holes. i can dig under the fence in about 30 seconds. i'm really good at digging. my mom said i'm like a mouse, something about anything my head can fit through, my body can squeeze through too...

whatever...i just like digging holes, hellooo, because I'm hunting!  Did you people really think I was just randomly digging holes?  Do you have any idea how many rodents have tunneled burrows under the landscaping plants, bushes, and not to mention all across the yard? I'm just doing my job here folks and a little appreciation would be nice.  

you're welcome.

well i've got moles to kill...see ya later